The Discerning Shopper

The Discerning Shopper

Disclaimer: All references to “research subjects” or “test subjects” or and reference to “research” throughout this article refer to research conducted on non human non veterinary research subjects such as rats and mice.

Some peptide and SARMs suppliers are peddling crap. We’ve all lost gains during this terribly troubling time, but that is no reason to experiment with junk. You need purity, you need high quality stuff. Our peptides and SARMs have been tested in the lab for purity so you know you’re getting what you paid for…and you know what? You should not have to pay full price either, because if you found us, we already know you’re special and you deserve a break.

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Story Time

Time for a quick story. Some companies out there claim to have the material for your research. You’ve spent time in the lab, you’ve worked, studied, and found exactly what you want. You know the product, you’re confident in the results, and you’re excited to test it! Do not fall victim to the fakers out there. Possibly you have already bought the equivalent of dirt. The company you randomly googled might have slapped a label on garbage and is going to take your money and run.

Break Free and Buy from Swole AF Labs

These fake companies have claimed territory around these products and instead of selling you the real thing, they’re making look-alike products designed to fool you into believing it’s the real deal. Make sure you understand the materials you are using for your research Make sure you trust the people who are supporting you. Break free from the fakers, let SwoleAFLabs provide the best product money can buy.