PCT is critical for renormalization following intensive research.

What is PCT?


Disclaimer: All references to “research subjects” or “test subjects” or and reference to “research” throughout this article refer to research conducted on non human non veterinary research subjects such as rats and mice.

One of the fundamental rules of nature is that everything goes in cycles. The weather, the moon, washing machines… everything. There is a consistent pattern that nature teaches us, and one we should always be wise to heed; Every system works in a cycle where things are torn down from their current state and then they are built back up renewed. Every forest fire needs time, and the right ingredients to recover fully, returning stronger than it was before. The strongest trees grow in high winds. This is the basis of PCT (Post Cycle Therapy). PCT is the strategy of maximizing the recovery phase of a study. Bringing systems back into balance and allowing for improvements to manifest. Effective PCT introduces the right ingredients, at the right time, to optimize recovery. Research takes a toll on many systems, and results are amplified when these systems are given the best tools available to recover stronger than ever. PCT is too often treated as an afterthought, and not as a critical component of proper research.

How does PCT improve research?

Countless variables are in play when research is being conducted. All sorts of factors can affect results but one thing is without question, the more research conducted, the more results to be measured. This simple formula is the reason that reducing the time needed for systems to fully recover is critical. This is the magic behind PCT. Attention to detail can never be 1 dimensional. The best plans leave no stone unturned.

System Maintenance

System rebuilding and recovery are when the desired results manifest themselves. Breaking down starts the process and building up completes it. There is no excuse to compromise by only focusing on the stress inflicting components. Forest fires do no good if the trees are not allowed to grow back stronger and taller than before. Proper support and nourishment are critical to optimizing results as well as minimizing the time between research cycles. Do NOT neglect the most productive phase! System maintenance will always be key.

The best products to support PCT

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