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Complete control over the quality of our products that way we can provide you with the best possible. Our coa lab test results


If you watch SAF Research’s (formerly Swole AF Labs) social media, you’ll see comments and likes demonstrating how well we take care of our customers.   We are not new to the world of service. Customer service is easy for us to do because we’re passionate about our own products.  Perfectionists….. every one of us.  We want everything to be right from the moment you visit our SAF Research website or Facebook Page, to when you place your order, receive your shipment of your SAF Research products, and finally to when you comment back to us and tell you how much you’re loving the results.  It’s not just providing your order, it’s about education and being on it with how we research and make our products.  Lots of vendors will tell you customer service is important. But at SAF Research, we are different because after the order is complete, we are in it with you once your order is in your hands.  The support does not stop once the product has been shipped to you. We believe in sharing the goal, sharing the education. Our carefully crafted and unique blends of Research Materials allow you to push your research to the limits.  We saw raw material suppliers and realized no one provided premixed products.  We wanted to offer ready to administer formulas for your non human non veterinary research subject.  To accomplish this we offer SARM Capsules, SARM liquids, SARM Stacks (blends) as well as other Research Chemicals in various forms.  Researching the effects of these compounds with common fillers and solutions allows for you to see the whole picture and give you proper comparison to researching raw materials.


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